Pal-O-Mine’s Facility

Pal-O-Mine has been operating from its equestrian facility in Islandia since June 2004.

Pal-O-Mine is the first program of its kind on Long Island to have a facility specifically geared towards the goals and needs of its students. Having this private facility allows the program to focus on education, improvement and expansion.


Unequaled for Equestrian Activities
The center provides an unequaled setting for equestrian activities, with enough exhibits and events to satisfy even the most avid rider. Currently there is a 20-stall barn on 8 acres, with run-in sheds and handicapped accessible bathrooms. An indoor arena was built in November, 2005, in memory of Amy Volkerts.

Specialized Equipment
Pal-O-Mine has constructed its own special use mounting ramp, dressage and lesson rings, and therapy room. Moreover, there is plenty of space available for expansion as the program grows to serve greater numbers of persons with disabilities.

Plans have been drawn up for conversion of the “old” barn to an outpatient treatment center to serve those who receive physical, occupational, and/or speech therapy.

Pal-O-Mine has organized and hosted the Long Island Invitational Horse Show and Clinic every year since 1996, where riders with disabilities and able-bodied riders can compete in the same ring. In conjunction with these, well known clinicians Dottie Morkis, Richie Fisher, and Missy Ransenhauser have worked with Pal-O-Mine riders as well as the public. Find out about upcoming events.

Facility Photo Gallery

Images of Pal-O-Mine Equestrian’s facility.