One day my sister said to me, “There is a program where you can ride a horse.” I asked, “By myself?” and made a face. On august 30, 2014, my mother and I had an interview with Lisa Gatti from Pal-O-Mine. Ever since that day I love it – for real. Every time that I ride a horse, I improve. I have been in a couple of shows and earned three first place ribbons and one reserve champion ribbon. When I am on the horse, it feels amazing. After I get off the horse my body feels relaxed, which helps me sleep better at night. When I first started taking lessons, I had helpers on all sides of the horse and one on the horse with me. Now I can ride the horse without someone sitting behind me. Pal-O-Mine also has a work program for people with disabilities. I would definitely recommend Pal-O-Mine to anyone that is disabled and would like to ride a horse.

Henry M.L.

It has truly been my pleasure to work with Lisa and everyone at Pal-O-Mine over the last several years. I am in awe of everyone’s dedication to the success of POM, including the many students that benefit from the various programs and offerings, as well as the animals and gardens that survive there! The letters that I receive as a funder from both riders AND the horses are heartwarming and really show me that the grants given to POM are making differences in people’s lives. I’m very much impressed with Lisa’s dream and her zest to make it a reality. When I am on the spacious grounds of POM, I feel like I’ve been whisked away to another part of the country…out in the plains of the mid-West! The serene environment and the sight of horses everywhere is nourishing to the soul, and calming at the same time. A feeling comes over people there…one of happiness, and generosity. A feeling of wanting to give, and do as much as one can to help foster and continue the beautiful nature of Pal-O-Mine. Everyone who visits POM, whether it be as a guest, an employee, a donor, or most importantly, the students and families, will leave a different person. And one who will want to return, again and again.“It takes a village…,” they say, and this is one village I am VERY PROUD and HONORED to be a part of!

Lesley Logue

The staff at Pal-O-Mine are incredible! The knowledge and patience they have is remarkable. They have all different types of therapists to work with all disabilities. I have twins who have been attending lessons for several months. One is autistic and has behavioral issues, and I have to say they never stop trying with him. The lesson could be over and if my son is being difficult, they do not rush him out after the ½ hour is over. They do not let him leave on a bad note, and every week we go back! The horses are well taken care of. The stable is clean and all the horses are gorgeous and gentle. We have attended several functions that they have had and we have had a lot of fun. They had a Halloween event and all the horses and staff were dressed up in costumes and the kids were able to trick or treat safely. My kids and I love Pal-O-Mine and recommend it highly.

Beth Mccue

Pal-O-Mine has taught me about trust, reliability, hope and teamwork. Through Pal-O-Mine I have gotten to know more about horses and I am making an effort to participate in activities and have fun.


My son, Timothy, has multiple physical disabilities, but is completely mentally normal. He works very hard to change this in whatever small way he can, and thanks to his riding at Pal-O-Mine, his ability to do small things for himself is improving, much to the delight of his other therapists. Timothy’s medical issues have always limited his socialization, but when he is riding at Pal-O-Mine he is riding with a team of people who assist him, each doing their part to make his ride safe, physically beneficial and enjoyable, and he works along with them towards those ends. When he is riding, he is not the small man in the wheelchair being bumped into by the public, or ignored, but a man on a horse, looking out at the world from a vantage point different in so many ways from what he experiences the rest of the week.
Thank you Pal-O-Mine, for doing more good for Timothy than I can really describe.

Patricia T. Pawlowski

My son has been riding here since he was 4 years old. I cannot find enough positive words to describe the staff and volunteers that work here. Horses and Pal-O-Mine have had such an incredibly positive influence on my son’s life that we are forever grateful.

Jen Corcoran Altenburg

My journey has been long and arduous. I searched and searched, and found you. Everyone is wonderful at Pal-O-Mine, and the horses are amazing! You all helped me regain my life. There’s always work to do to keep growing. I consider myself extremely blessed to have had the opportunity to heal through Pal-O-Mine!

Lorraine A.