Donate to Our Retired Horse Fund

Donate To Our Retired Horses Fund

You may think it doesn’t cost much to retire a horse. After all, a retired horse just spends its remaining years playing with other retired horses in a large grass field, and that costs next to nothing, right? Well, Pal-O-Mine spends $18,000 per year to keep its four retired horses on retirement farms in Pennsylvania and upstate New York. Not only are land prices high, but retired horses also require supplemental hay and grain. Pasture fencing needs regular maintenance, and the grass usually needs yearly seeding. Farm equipment requires upkeep. And even though our retired horses are no longer working, they still occasionally need the farrier to check their hooves and the vet to check their overall health.

Chandler, Jill and Lucky are happy and healthy, but they need your support to maintain their retirement lifestyle. Please be generous in giving to their care. They worked for years, willingly and patiently teaching our students to ride, and providing important life lessons.