Adopt-a-Horse & Rider

Adopt-a-Horse & Rider

Without our amazing therapy horses we would not be able to help the 300 plus individuals we see every week. Please help sponsor the activities of these incredible horses.

According to the United States Census Bureau Report, there are over 100,000 residents with disabilities living within the greater New York Metropolitan area. In order to become self-sufficient to the greatest extent possible, these people require help.

Pal-O-Mine Equestrian was founded to answer this need. It has long been established that therapeutic riding represents an effective means of treating those with disabilities by promoting independence, socialization skills, community integration, mobility, confidence, and self-esteem. Gains can be observed in motor functioning, gait, conceptual imaging, sensory integration, cortical organization, respiration, circulation, posture and balance.

At Pal-O-Mine our therapy horses are chosen for their temperament, gaits, kindness, and sensitivity to their rider’s needs. It costs $650 to sponsor a horse for one month or $8,000 for an entire year. Please be as generous as possible in support of our amazing therapy horses!