Endowment Fund

Planned Giving

Please Consider a Gift to Pal-O-Mine’s Endowment Fund Among Your Charitable Giving Plans

An endowment is an investment fund established by a nonprofit organization that makes periodic withdrawals from the invested capital (money) to further the mission of the organization, and in the case of Pal-O-Mine, to further programs. The funds a donor donates to an endowment is considered tax deductible to the extent you may use a tax deduction. In addition, a portion of the capital in the endowment is reinvested allowing for continued growth.

 Endowments are the Gifts That Keep Giving

How to Fund an Endowment

You may fund an endowment with a current, or a deferred gift. A current gift of cash or assets (stocks) is one way to do the funding. A deferred gift (a bequest from your will or living trust) also works and will link your legacy to the future of Pal-O-Mine forever. To make a bequest you should contact your estate planner. It would be helpful if you also make Pal-O-Mine aware of the gift by making a pledge and emailing our Gift Planning Coordinator, at elear@pal-o-mine.org.

Types of current or deferred gifts accepted by Pal-O-Mine – some or all the funds may be designated for the Endowment Fund

  • Gifts of cash, stock, or real estate
  • Life insurance policy
  • Special Bequest – a fixed amount of cash or securities
  • Percentage Bequest – a stated percentage of your estate
  • Charitable Trusts
  • Special Needs Trust
  • IRA or other retirement funds
  • Structured Endowments or Blended Gifts

By making a gift to Pal-O-Mine’s Endowment Fund you will have peace of mind knowing that:

• We may continue to operate and fulfill our mission
• You will be leaving a lasting legacy
• With some types of legacy gifts, you continue to control your own funds during your lifetime
• Your gift can be an opportunity to give back to Pal-O-Mine for a valuable experience or service you, your friends, and/or family have received
• Your gift can be made to permanently honor a loved one

Pal-O-Mine’s Gift Planning Coordinator will work with you and your professional advisor to develop a personalized gift plan that reflects your needs and desires.

Pal-O-Mine’s Endowment Fund Among Your Charitable Giving Plans