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From its inception in 1995, Pal-O-Mine has offered unprecedented equine assisted programs to individuals with disabilities and other vulnerable populations. Today, as a leader in the industry, our not-for-profit organization continues to foster growth, learning and healing in 400 students weekly through the power of the horse. Our staff and volunteers work daily to keep our 13-acre property with its many buildings, paddocks and other essentials for our herd and clients up-to-date and in excellent condition. Please read the various opportunities available to help us renovate and expand our facility, as well as additional tools to further enhance and grow our programs. We hope you will make a donation to one of these essential items!


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Expansion of existing administration building to accommodate 4 additional offices. $200,000.

Farm Headquarters - SOLD & COMPLETED

Expansion of existing administration building to accommodate 4 additional offices. $200,000. SOLD & COMPLETED

Speech & Occupational Therapy Clinic

This building will allow our speech therapist, occupational and physical therapists to work on site. Cost approx. $300,000 includes furnishings

Restore to Balance House Renovation

Will be used for respite for those with disabilities serving approx. 300 children and adults per year.
Approx. cost $200,000 for complete renovation and removal of lead paint.

Covered Arena for Therapy, with Accessible Bathroom


Accessible Sensory Playground - SOLD & COMPLETED


Outdoor Watering System for Our Herd - SOLD & COMPLETED



Farm Parking Lots - COMMITTED

Existing driveways are dusty which is a problem for those with respiratory challenges, and additional handicapped accessible parking is needed. $100,000 COMMITTED

The Path that Connects - SOLD & COMPLETED


Vehicle and Machinery Storage Shed - SOLD

To house 3 tractors and 2 golf carts. Cost, including installation and concrete floor $35,000. SOLD

Accessible Bathrooms x 2 (1 SOLD, 1 Available)

One SOLD for $30,000. One more @ $30,000 needed.

Cypress Barn Renovation - SOLD & COMPLETED

Repairs to existing stalls, purchase of new fans and cabinets $25,000. SOLD & COMPLETED

This structure will be part of our wellness program for First Responders, Veterans, and those who are survivors of abuse and trauma. Purchase price approx. $25,000

Land Preparation & Fencing for New Paddocks x 2

$20,000 per paddock.

Wellness Cottage Repairs - SOLD & COMPLETED

This cottage is used for our Alternative for Incarceration Program and our Seniors Program. Repairs include making the existing bathroom accessible. Estimated cost $12,000. SOLD and COMPLETED

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Horticulture & Organic Farming Program Sprinkler System - Labor DONATED; Need $15,000 for Materials


Horsemanship Playground - SOLD & COMPLETED

Where students will be taught to work with their horses on the ground putting them through a series of natural obstacles. Approx. cost of $12,000 includes ground preparation, material costs, building and installation of obstacles. SOLD and COMPLETED

Adopt a Horse
Care and feeding approx. $10,000 per year per horse.

3 Golf Carts - 2 SOLD; Need 1 More for Vocational Program

Two SOLD. One more needed for Vocational Program. Approx. $8,000.

Heating and AC System for Vocational Classrooms - SOLD & COMPLETED

A multi-purpose space for special needs children and adults. Cost for 2 electric wall heaters/ac units. $8,000 SOLD and COMPLETED

Vocational House Roof & Window Replacement SOLD

$8,000 SOLD

3 Indoor Arena Fans

Three fans are needed to circulate the air during the hot summer months. Approx. $6,500 each

Pool Restoration

The pool is a standard 20’ x 40’ in-ground pool used for aquatic therapy in the summer and for our camp programs for kids with disabilities. Approx. $5,000 

Heating and AC System for Classroom - SOLD & COMPLETED

A multi-purpose space for students and various workshops. The new wall heater/ac unit with installation will be approx. $5,000. SOLD and COMPLETED

Indoor Arena Kick-Walls - SOLD & COMPLETED


Indoor Arena Energy Efficient Lights - SOLD & COMPLETED

Replacement of existing lighting system with the most cost and energy efficient fixtures are $500 each and 9 fixtures are needed, for a total of $4500. SOLD and COMPLETED

Flooring for Classroom - SOLD & COMPLETED


Restoration of 16 Run-in Sheds for Our Herd

The sheds are 16 years old and in need of replacement or repair. $3,000 – $6,000 per shed.

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