Corporate Workshops

Corporate Workshops

Equine Assisted Leadership Development Programs

Why Horses?

The way individuals interact and react with horses is very similar to the way they interact with their clients, customers, peers, and work groups. Horses don’t pretend and can’t over-think your feelings; they recognize incongruence between behavior and emotion, and tell the true story. People interpret horse behavior/emotions through the lens of their personal perception. How they interpret horses can often be a metaphor for their work, attitudes, and relationships.

What Happens?

Equine Assisted Learning (EAL) is an experiential approach that fosters real lasting change. It is a unique opportunity that goes beyond traditional leadership programs to restore balance in people’s lives while teaching critical thinking, clear communication and social skills. A typical workshop involves activities on the ground with the horses (there is no riding), which provides opportunities for team discovery through experiential learning. Prior horse experience is not necessary to benefit from this program.

Equine Assisted Team Leadership programs are effective in situations as diverse as:

  • Building cohesion
  • Navigating cultural differences
  • Mitigating crisis
  • Screening candidates for new hire
  • Collaborating with staff to enhance communication
    and adapt to new management style and initiatives

We offer a team evaluation with a follow up plan for measured success going forward. We would be happy to discuss a custom program to fit your needs.

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Lisa Gatti